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Lets face it; most things in the natural world revolve around sex. Specifically, making sure you survive long enough to find and impress a mate—then have lots of offspring. For lots of animals, sex is largely defined before birth, and depends on the chromosomes you receive during fertilisation.

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These ideas, which are pervasive in Western culture, also have served as the cornerstone for the evolutionary study of sexual selection, sex differences and sex roles among animals. Only recently have some scientists—fortified with modern data—begun to question their underlying assumptions and the resulting paradigm. Charles Darwin was the first to alludeto anisogamy as a possible explanation for male-female differences in sexual behavior.

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Mostly fictional sexual intercourse with animals. Also in this category you may see videos which includes man dressed or looking like an animal. Still no account?

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Animal sex gets a fair share of coverage in the media, for a couple of pretty simple reasons. Most people like animals, and most people are interested in sex. And sometime, animal sex is really impressive, as in the case of these awesome, hypnotic leopard slugs.

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Carin Bondar talks about her new book Wild Sex, which covers the strange, surreal and sometimes scary sex lives of our animal cousins. On this episode—. And the first one to shoot is the winner.

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The thought of someone having sex with the family dog or any other animal is repugnant to most civilized sensibility and as enraging to many as the rape of a child. Experts confirm that it should be. In the work that we have done with serial killers, we have noted that several had a background of cruelty to animals.

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By Melkorka Licea. The coitus competition was announced by realscientists, a rotational Twitter account that features a different scientist each week. Video of dance flies mating, female feasts on a nuptial gift delicious dead fly during copulation!

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Humans didn't invent the idea of combining sex and commerce. Plenty of animals are willing to mate, but only if the price is right. Here are 10 animals who will offer sex for reasons other than just preserving the species. Top Image: Christopher Michel.


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