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Google Inc. A court in Hamburg ordered Google today to block six images showing Mosley, 73, from the sites that belong to Google. Mosley won a similar ruling in France in when a judge ordered News Corp.

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A decision has been made today against the News of the World about the so-called Nazi orgy that Max Mosley was involved in back in February. While I'm not a fan of Mosley, I have to applaud him on his bravery in order to go forth and pursue this issue. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada, said in that "the state has no business in the bedrooms of our nation.

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Updated: BST, 25 November Formula One motor racing chief Max Mosley has been embroiled in a sensational sex scandal after footage that reportedly shows him taking part in a Nazi-style sex orgy with up to five hookers surfaced. A video reportedly shows Mosley - the son of British World War 2 fascist Sir Oswald Mosley, a friend of Adolf Hitler - giving orders in German as he lashes girls wearing mock death camp uniforms and is himself whipped until he bleeds.

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And then his interview cuts — ditto. And then I typed his name into YouTube and watch a video featuring covert footage of him being spanked by an assortment of partially clothed women. It is a bit embarrassing.

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And a deeper probe into his past has shone a light on claims of thuggery and diehard support for his fascist Hitler-loving father Sir Oswald. THE young Max Mosley stood alongside thugs supporting his fascist father and was caught up in brutal street clashes and a melee at an election rally. Mosley solicitors took legal action against the Sketch over suggestions the pair fought alongside the teddy boys.

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We chose top 5 scandals in Formula 1 history, from sex, to espionage, and of course, cheating. Yes, it involves the one and only: Michael Schumacher. The legendary driver was accused for cheating a number of times, but this one was pretty dirty.

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Were it not for his family history, the British media might eventually have dismissed the Nazi-themed sex romp of international motor-racing chief Max Mosley as just another instance of British upper-class bad taste. Even Prince Harry, remember, showed up at a costume party three years ago in a military uniform with a swastika armband. But Mosley, the urbane president of the body that governs Formula One racing, is under increasing pressure to resign following revelations of a sex scandal involving prostitutes, sadomasochism and alleged Nazi-style role-play.

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The US has voted against a United Nations resolution that condemns the glorification of Nazism due to the issues it raises over free speech protections, the state department has said. The other problems cited by the US include concerns that Russia is using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbours. State officials said Moscow has for decades sought to portray the Baltic states and others that sought independence from Soviet domination as either pro-fascist or pro-Nazi, according to the Associated Press.

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Mosley's lawyers are now in contact with that newspaper and the FIA has no comment. The News of the World reported in a front-page story that FIA president Mosley, 67, had taken part in a "sadomasochistic orgy" with five prostitutes that reportedly involved Nazi role-playing. According to a story posted by the London-based Times Online on Monday, Mosley and others "re-enacted a concentration camp scene in which he played the role of both guard and inmate.

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AP Image When motorsports president Max Mosley was caught in a sadomasochistic orgy by a British tabloid, we assumed it was his end. Far from it. Riding high on a court victory he's pushing reforms in Europe that will restrict press freedoms.


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