Frenulotomy of penis

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The frenulum connects the inner leaf of the prepuce to the glans penis under the urethral orifice. A frenuloplasty or plastic surgery of the frenulum is a surgical alteration of a short frenulum. Frenuloplasty is intended for men with a short frenulum that may cause frequent injuries during the sexual intercourse or even premature ejaculation.

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Show less Small folds or bands of tissue, called frenulums, are located in some areas of the body to help control the movement of another part of the body. A good example of a frenulum is the stretchy band of tissue that tethers your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

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Request an Appointment. Refer a Patient. Although many men were circumcised as children, some men desire circumcision as adults, either for cosmetic reasons or because of certain health conditions infections or stuck foreskin: phimosis.

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Congenital Anomalies of the Penis pp Cite as. Penile chordee is a condition in which the head of the penis curves downward or upward, at the junction of the head and shaft of the penis. The curvature is usually obvious during erection, but resistance to straightening is often apparent in the flaccid state as well.

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If an uncircumcised man has a problem with his foreskin the loose skin that covers the end of the penis such that it is very tightly attached to the undersurface of the glans of the penis, it can cause difficulty in movement of the skin as well as pain during erections. A foreskin that is tight enough to restrict movement is commonly known as a frenulum breve. This is remedied by a procedure called a frenuloplasty, where the tightness and restriction is removed.

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Frenulectomy of the penis is a surgical procedure for cutting and removal of the frenulum of prepuce of penisto correct a condition known as frenulum breve. This condition prevents the full retraction of the foreskin with or without an erection. It is a simple and normally painless procedure that is performed in a urologist's office.

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Penile frenulectomy and frenuloplasty are procedures that can alleviate the pain associated with a tight band of tissue connecting the glans to the shaft of the penis on its underside. When the frenulum is tight or short this is called a frenulum breve. A tight frenulum can exist in both circumcised and uncircumcised men and can create a restriction that is susceptible to micro-trauma, causing bleeding and painful erections.

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It consists in the incision of the preputial frenulum and suture of the incision margins so as to obtain an elongation of frenulum itself. Indications for the surgery of frenulotomy and frenuloplasty: The indication for surgery of frenulotomy and frenuloplasty of the foreskin is represented by the presence of a short preputial frenulum. Anesthesia: The circumcision surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia by injection at the base of the penis of anesthetic drugs.

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Frenuloplasty is commonly performed. Its outcome has never been reported. We have performed frenuloplasties since Patients were sent a questionnaire regarding indication, treatment advised on presentation, anaesthetic, outcome linear analogue satisfaction scoreand further intervention required.


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