How to strip exterior paint

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Wood siding from is amazingly hard. This is the case for our siding and is why it has held up. In fact, the hardness of old siding help to preserve many of my village's houses which went unpainted for years.

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We've all made an accident when painting a wall. Whether it's a color choice you later regret or you accidentally got paint where you shouldn't have, paint can be removed with the correct methods. With specialised equipment such as a paint scraper, sandpaper, paint stripper or a heat gun, no paint is permanent.

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Support Options. If you're planning a painting project, it's important to understand that proper preparation is an essential step in the painting process. A new coat of paint is only as stable as the surface underneath.

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Masonry paint can be used on outdoor brick or stone walls to get a clean look that's easy to maintain. However, exterior paint should be redone or touched up every so often, and most people make the mistake of just going over older paint with new paint, which results in flaking and peeling over time. You can have the wall professionally re-rendered or follow the steps below to effectively strip masonry paint off your wall before you give it a new coat.

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When the paint is peeling on a house, many homeowners opt for covering it with vinyl siding. But if you've got an old house with a great exterior, such as real clapboardyou may not want to hide its beauty. Then exterior paint stripping is your only option.

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All that work and expense, and rarely is it necessary. Before climbing the ladder, sander in hand, take the time to answer a pair of essential questions: 1 Why is the paint peeling, and 2 is it really necessary to strip all of it? Paint usually peels due to high levels of humidity and inadequate ventilation, not because of substrate problems.

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If you're lucky, all your house may need before repainting is a good, healthy bath. Wash it down with a hose, and go over stubborn dirt with a scrub brush and warm, soapy water. Or wash it down with a power washer.

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The stripping and removal of paint is a pretty radical—and arduous—task. Dip the sandpaper into a bucket of water and use a plant mister filled with water to wet the painted wood. Sand lightly, keeping the surface wet at all times, and frequently rinse the sandpaper in the bucket. When done, take a garden hose and rinse any pigment or sanding residue off nearby siding.

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What stands between an old house and new paint? Ten tenacious coats of the old stuff. But you can get it off.

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I'm afraid you're in for a labor-intensive project. A wire brush attachment to a drill can make the work a bit easier. One thing to keep in mind is that perhaps the house was not properly prepared because of the chance of lead paint if the house was built prior to You most certainly do not want to scrap or sand lead paint.


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