Teens left home alone

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Whether it's a snow day home from school, an unexpected business meeting, or a childcare arrangement that fell through, there probably will be times when you'll need to leave your child home alone. But you can feel prepared and confident with some planning and a couple of trial runs. And handled well, staying home alone can be a positive experience for kids too, giving them a sense of self-confidence and independence.

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Kelly Wallace, CNN. Kelly Wallace is CNN's digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls.

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SCHOOL'S out for summer — but for working parents with teenagers at home, the end of term can set alarm bells ringing. The recession has brought a big fall in the number of available summer jobs, which means more and more teenagers are at a loose end for several months. Summer can be a particularly worrisome time for parents who live in towns and villages, where teenagers have easy access to the so-called 'free gaffs' — homes empty of adults during the day.

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When my husband and I recently escaped from our four month long home renovations, our teenagers, our two Labrador retrievers and the cold and wet Vancouver weather, we left our year-old son home alone for two weeks. As you might imagine, we were a little nervous. Yes, we had multiple discussions -- he and I, he and his dad and the three of us. Again and again we said:.

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Leaving your child unattended for 24 hours or more is a big deal. Things could definitely go wrong. Despite the potential risks, allowing your teen to stay home alone could also be healthy.

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When is it OK to leave them at home without an adult? The first thing to think about is the law. Each child and each family is unique, and whatever a parent decides to do is their responsibility.

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Will they throw a party? Will they break everything? Fight off burglars?

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In the Australian Capital Territory, there is no specific law that states at what age you can leave children alone. But the law is clear about the responsibility of parents to look after their children:. As a parent you might be held responsible for the carer, as well as your own children, if something goes wrong. There is no specific law that states at what age you can leave children alone.

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These teens had another idea. Hollie may have dreamed of getting her name out there, but she never expected it would be because she and her sisters gave their parents such a special Christmas gift. As the video she posted wormed its way around the world, many wanted to help share their incredible story.

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One hard and fast rule in parenting: Never leave teenagers alone overnight in their own home. The temptation is too great to invite The temptation is too great to invite a few friends over, and then those friends mention the gathering to a few more friends.


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