Ampsterdam erotica

The Sexmuseum on Damrak is quite busy and crowded but a fun museum. It's a really good laugh. Entrance fee is 4 euro's.

Please note: you need to print your ticket! Tickets can't be scanned from a phone. Erotic Museum Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful canals, historic buildings, hazy coffeeshops, magnificent museums, open-minded culture and, last but not least, its iconic Red Light District.

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All these names are given for a reason, of course. Amsterdam is notorious for those things that the other places prefer shyly to keep silent. Here comes the Erotic Museum, one of the most intrigue sights in Amsterdam.

The museum looks at eroticism in all its forms throughout the ages. The collection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and other artwork. In the art gallery that belongs to the museum you can find artists, new media and press from all over the world that have an interest in artistic erotic expression. In the rest of the museum you can find various forms or eroticism and sexual sub-cultures.

It is true that there are different kinds of Museums in Amsterdam and each one exhibits different works of art or tell different stories. One of those Museums is the Erotic Museum Amsterdam. Also in the exhibition are; a collection of erotic objects, posters and photographs.

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Again, cheap and a good laugh. I'd recommend the sex museum over the erotic museum though. Some things are slightly disturbing like watching a wax work hooker urinating from the ceiling But really funny at the same time.

An old warehouse in the middle of Red Light District, with an always-lit neon above the entry, which says - Erotic Museum. Inside, a shop with erotica souvenirs and on the three floors up - an exhibit, more about the Red Light District itself, than about eroticism. A room of the Red Light District prostitute with the wax figure of the working girl inside and a model of the cashier of the famous Casa Rosso Live Show Theater.

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Erotic Museum, Amsterdam There are a lot of things Amsterdam is famous for; it may be history, art, architecture or science. However, one thing about the city you just cannot ignore is its bold and candid expression of eroticism. Whether it is taking a walk down the Red Light District or visiting the Erotic Museum, people of Amsterdam are not shy.

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If you went already to the sex museum, this is a must, here, all the fun about the sex is shown in many ways and formats. Myself and my partner visited the museum not knowing what to expect. A few good articles however a bit of a let down.

Erotic museum Being one of the oldest and historically richest cities in the world, Amsterdam also has some erotic history to offer you. Be welcomed by a typical Dutch girl on a very special bicycle and be transported from pleasure objects to paintings, prints and hilarious cartoons. Improve your history and art knowledge on a fun theme, take a peek on the floor dedicated to Sado Masochism only and check out La Galerie Provocatrice or Sexy Art Gallery that has been recently added.


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