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As befits an organization that sees itself in a culture war, the NRA is perfectly happy to wade into gay rights issues — in opposition, of course. Media Matters has done a rundown of the long history of homophobia and transphobia at the organization. Here are five highlights:.

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Have you heard any remarks about the U. Eddie Money? How about Kansas?

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Who are our kids supposed to respect and admire? Where the full weight of existing federal enforcement of federal firearms laws is absent. And where has this White House put its full weight?

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Read LeviticusLeviticusRomans It is an abomination to God. Any country, nation or people that justifies this as an acceptable lifestyle is in the final stages of moral corruption.

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Nugent initially gained fame as the lead guitarist of the Amboy Dukesa band formed in that played psychedelic rock [2] [3] and hard rock. Nugent has attracted attention for his conservative political views, as well as his strident advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights. Nugent grew up in a military family; his father was a career army sergeant.

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Thursday he was in the backyard of his likely opponent, Wendy Davis. After shaking hands and taking pictures, Abbott told supporters he will appeal a federal judge's decision to lift the state's ban on gay marriage. It is clear the lower courts ruling will not be the final ruling," said Abbott.

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To be exact, Mr. Bryant committed this egregious verbal foul because he used a word demeaning to homosexuals, the most protected class of people in America. Gay rights groups applaud the decision of the NBA, which must make all the homosexual basketball fans feel peachy and special.

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He will vote no on legalized pot, Proposition 2, saying it is not a victimless crime and it is a gateway drug. He is not opposed to gay marriage, and says local school boards should have the right to ban guns in school but he says lives would be saved if guns were in schools. Wade and keeping a conservative off the court," he said. He says he believes Dr.

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Ted Nugent speaks his mind, and he had a lot to say in a candid interview with me. Brownsville Station will open for him. He's sold more than 40 million albums and performed more than 6, shows in his career with no signs of slowing down, despite only being able to hear out of one ear.

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Anyone paying even the slightest attention to my nonstop media vaportrail over the past 50 years knows of my utmost respect and my relentless to support for allthings LGBT. All my family and friends support LGBT rights. It surely numbers in the thousands of people I have met face-to-face over the years and encouraged them to also fight for LGBT rights. Everywhere I go — from the grocery store to the hardware store to rock and roll gigs— people come up to me and thank me for standing up for LGBT rights, issues, and supporting those politicians who also support LGBT issues.


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