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In this op-ed, Michelle Phan shares how her Vietnamese heritage shaped her beauty career and perceptions of Asian representation. I have fond memories of growing up in a nail salon. Most of my time was spent booking appointments, washing towels, organizing nail polishes, and making coffee for clients.

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Although geographically and linguistically labeled as Southeast Asians, long periods of Chinese domination and influence have placed the Vietnamese in the East Asian cultural sphereor more specifically their immediate northern neighbours, the Southern Han Chinese and other peoples within South China. Nam means "south". The Vietnamese or Kinh people are an Austroasiatic people and originated somewhere in today southern China.

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Can you tell if a person comes from a specific country just by looking at their initial appearance? Perhaps you look at their hair, their face shape, or their clothes, and you can attempt to make a guess at their country of origin before you hear them speak. Before coming to Japan, I had no idea how to distinguish Japanese, Korean, and Chinese people from one another.

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It also tends to show people whose fashion sense go against the grain of what majority of Koreans would wear. Body language is another big indicator for people raised in the different places, though it's hard to write a list for that. Interestingly, I put my Korean coworker through the alllooksame quiz, and she chose all the best groomed and most neatly dressed people as Korean.

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People classified as Asians are physically different in some ways than people of European descent. In almost all cases Asians have straight, black hair and dark eyes. They also tend to have less body hair, less facial hair, flatter faces, smaller noses, wider cheekbones, and "shovel-shaped" incisor teeth slightly scooped out shape of back side of the front teeth.

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Comments feed for this article. October 26, at PM. Dragon Horse.

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Vietnam has one of the most complex ethnolinguistic patterns in Asia. The Vietnamese majority was significantly Sinicized during a millennium of Chinese rule, which ended in ce. Indian influence is most evident among the Cham and Khmer minorities. The Cham formed the majority population in the Indianized kingdom of Champa in what is now central Vietnam from the 2nd to the late 15th century ce.

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Chinese vs. There is a plethora of differences between a Chinese person and a Vietnamese person. The answer in discerning the two depends on what aspect you try to look at.

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Anyone who travels the length of Vietnam will notice many changes that occur from one region to the next. From landscape to language, climate to culture, etiquette to ethnicity: the list is long and fascinating. In the past, some regional differences evolved into divisions, leading to animosity and, in some cases, conflict. Noticing the differences as you pass from one region to the next is part of the fun of travelling Vietnam.


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