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Whether in the form of an inappropriate backrub from a boss or a sexist commentsexual harassment is still something many women in the workplace deal with. Here are eight things you need to know about sexual harassment in the workplace. Know the Definition of Sexual Harassment.

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Do you hire someone terminated for sexual harassment, especially to a management position? Even if he maintains his innocence? And that the interview believes him?

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Sexual harassment can cause a real problem at work. Sexual harassment comes not only in the form of quid pro quo If you sleep with me, you'll get the promotionbut in the form of inappropriate jokes, pornography on office computers, and touching someone who doesn't want to be touched, in a sexual or suggestive way. When an employee reports a claim of sexual harassmentthe company is obligated to investigate.

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When an employee complains that he or she is experiencing sexual harassment of any type, the employer has a legal, ethical, and employee relations obligation to investigate the charges thoroughly. If an employer hears rumors that sexual harassment is occurring, the employer must investigate the potential harassment. These are examples of how seriously employers must take sexual and any other form of employee harassment that is or may be occurring in their workplace.

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Sexual harassment at the workplace is a difficult problem for HR managers to deal with. It often involves an allegation by one employee against another employee, and sometimes there is no corroborating evidence: he says, she says. An employee who does accuse her superior of sexual harassment is making a serious allegation, since it could lead to the dismissal of the harasser, create all sorts of other personal and reputational problems for him, and make it difficult for him to find new employment.

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I was fired because when joking around in the office I said I had a thought of asking the lesbian if she would come over and eat me. It was a joke. We were all kidding around.

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Many victims of workplace sexual harassment tell the same frustrating story: Their harasser got fired, but then he landed a plum new job in the same industry. So does a former employer have any duty to disclose allegations of sexual misconduct to a reference checker? If not, how can serial harassers be stopped?

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Getting fired for sexual harassment is a serious matter. Sexual harassment is an offense, and it may also relate to charges under criminal law. To be fired for this offense may form a permanent black mark on your work record.

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When you report sexual harassment on the job, sometimes you take your career in your hands. W-2 employees can file a retaliation claim under gender discrimination laws through the EEOC or local authorities. But what about independent contractors or contract workers?

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Sexual harassment and the Rights of the Accused. What happens if the accusation is false? Employers can take no corrective action against the accused and can even discipline the complainant for a false complaint. However, the employer runs the risk that, if the accusation was true, the victim of the harassment can take it to court.


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