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Here I intend to outline a few of the many different things that can befall a Cavy, and also end with the joy they can bring a household if cared for properly and a little Cavy history and list of relatives. One more note: My Vet, a long time Cavy keeper and healer and very knowledgeable in Cavidom I might add, has approved my Instructable That definitely makes me feel good about it.

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Sign me up! Assumption can be trusted to save time, money and effort in almost every case, provided you are in possession of the knowledge necessary to make the right assumption. If you perform any kind of professional consultancy, you are paid to make assumptions based on your training, experience and talent.

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The various beta-adrenoceptor antagonists potentiated, dose-dependently, the bronchoconstriction induced by threshold doses of LTC4 and the intensity of the potentiation correlated with the beta 2-blocking capacity possessed by the drugs. The airway hyper-responsiveness induced by - -propranolol was unaffected by pretreatment with mepyramine, cyproheptadine, phenoxybenzamine, atropine or indomethacin. The airway hyper-responsiveness induced by - -propranolol persisted even in adrenalectomized or reserpine-treated guinea-pigs, although adrenalectomy induced some increase in airway responsiveness.

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Should it be Male or female? Young or old? First and foremost, you want to make sure that you do NOT end up with a breeding pair or a pregnant female.

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Impaction is the build up of faecal material in the anal sack of the guinea pig. This is both painful for the guinea pig and at its worst can kill your guinea pig. Having a large amount of faecal matter in this area makes your guinea pig vunrable to fly strike.

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Already this year, the RSPCA reports that up to 3 Julyguinea pigs have been reported as abandoned to them, with 1, reported to them over the last three years. There are many misconceptions about keeping guinea pigs, and the RSPCA wants us all to know the facts before committing to a life with them this guinea pig appreciation day. When the time comes that one of your guinea pigs passes over the rainbow bridge before the other, make sure you interact lots with the one left behind, to keep it company.

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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3. Charlie, Ian, and Anthony return from the hospital and Anthony informs Charlie he can't drink booze unless he wants to recover. Charlie promises him he won't try to get booze. Ian says he better not, not knowing the evil North Korean spy landlord is watching them.

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It can be humorous to see your guinea pig scooting his butt across the ground. While it may be nothing more than a simple itch, continuous scooting could be the sign of anal impaction or mites. If you own a male guinea pig, he may also be marking his territory.

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