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Guys, here's a tip when buying lingerie for the special lady in your life: avoid anything that is gel-filled to enhance cleavage. You're welcome. Browsing racks of lace-trimmed camisoles and frilly silk "loungewear" sets or thumbing through bins of slingshot thongs and bras with gel-padded cups sorry to spoil the illusion.

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Buying lingerie for that special woman in your life is a pretty daunting task. It takes more finesse than just grabbing whatever you see hanging on a rack in a department store. Different brands can have a wide range to their sizes, and lingerie especially can be tricky.

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Buying a woman lingerie can be an intimidating experience, especially if the woman is new in your life or shopping makes your palms sweat to begin with. To help make the experience easier for you—because, in case you haven't heard, Valentine's Day is coming—we asked four female lingerie brand founders to share some advice on how to make the process go more smoothly. The gist is this: Think more about her than yourself when you're buying lingerie, and you'll be way ahead of the game. And figure out what size she wears so you don't have to awkwardly compare your partner's body to the body of the salesperson in the store.

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To some, this means reservations for two, oversized teddy bears and flowers but, for others, something more desirable is to be had — lingerie. Alas, just like us ladies, not all lingerie is created equal so your first port of call is to know her size. Now, this might sound like an obvious, even condescending statement, but it is the cardinal rule lingerie shopping.

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Remember the first time you bought lingerie for a woman? You took two steps into the shop and immediately realised that although it sounded like a good idea initially, being raked naked over a mountainous pile of hot coals suddenly sounds better. But with great risk comes great reward, so trust us — getting this right is well worth any agony you might feel during the process.

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There's no shortage of pretty lingerie on the racks at this time of year, and many men like to treat the ladies in their lives to something special for Christmas. We know lots of guys have got it sorted; they know what size their woman wears, her favorite brands, and the colors and shapes that will fit and flatter her. But there are still a few clueless boyfriends, husbands, and partners out there who just don't know where to start. It's our aim to make sure no woman unwraps a tacky red lace and satin set, peekaboo bra, or side-tie thong unless she wants to.

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Oh and, keep the receipt! If your sweetie is willing to try something a bit different, this is the time to experiment! Instead of going for classic cuts, opt for something edgy and contemporary, combining simple shapes with strapping detail for a sexy, sporty looks.

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Hello, and welcome to "How to Buy Lingerie ," where I will be teaching you the complete basics of lingerie shopping for the woman in your life. Considering it's almost Valentine's Day, this is important, so you might want to pay close attention. To be sure about what size she wears, take a peek at her closet and take note of the size of her bras, panties, and clothing size.


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