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Typical of early OMD compositions, the track does not feature a vocal chorus[7] and is recognisable by its strong, [8] distinctive [9] lead synthesizer hook and ambiguous lyrical content. Collister did, however, believe it was a surefire hit — a view that drummer Malcolm Holmes did not share. Initially proud of the song, McCluskey's confidence wavered: he re-recorded his vocal, but was dissatisfied with the final mix of the track.

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Enola Gay - How is Enola Gay abbreviated? Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive?

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Paul Tibbets, Jr. Eisenhower, to Gibraltar. Tibbets quickly earned a reputation as one of the best pilots in the Army Air Force.

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Gets handed a condom The Crew of the Enola Gay - Capt. Theodore Van Kirk, Col.

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Today is the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I suggest we pause in remembrance of the people who unexpectedly met their end as the American B Superfortress bomber Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb over them on a warm, cloudless morning. Three days later, in a move that made no sense for strategic purposes, the American military dropped another bomb on the city of Nagasaki.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. B Superfortress dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima 70 years ago this summer, none knew the four-engine bomber better than Capt. Robert Lewis.

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Paul W. Tibbets Jr. He was His granddaughter Kia Tibbets, of Columbus, said in confirming the death that General Tibbets had been in failing health for several months.

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Transport land. The plans for the Boeing B Superfortress were started before World War II and culminated in one of the largest and most powerful long range bombers of the war. Used mainly in the Pacific Theater by the United States, the B was designed for a crew of which included a pilot, copilot, engineer, bombardier, navigator radar specialist, radar operator, radio operator, and gunners with training in fire control, air mechanics, and electrical specialties.

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The Enola Gay was part of a second batch of fifteen improved Silverplate bombers built between February and June The Enola Gay 's complete serial number BMO, indicated that it was a B built at the Martin Omaha plant built in block 45, and was ordered in fiscal year The Enola Gay arrived on Tinian on 6 July


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