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Asparagus urine. Some people have "hitchhiker's thumbs," which bend backwards with a large angle between the two segments phalanges. The myth is that there are just two kinds of thumbs, straight thumbs S and hitchhiker's thumbs Hand the trait is controlled by a single gene with two alleles, with the allele for S being dominant.

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A thumb was outstretched in the circle of sixth-graders. It had a most peculiar shape, being relatively thin and normal near the base, and then suddenly capped off with a bulbous, short tip, reminiscent of a slightly flattened pearl onion. The thumb belonged to year old me.

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Check the shape of your thumb. A few people have a straight thumb when they point it upwards. At this point, we have the screwy thumb.

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However, a study found that Of those subjects, In that study,

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The thumb is the most important finger in the hand. It is called the king of fingers. Before discussing the importance and influence of the thumb let us learn how the thumb is classified in different groups.

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Finger on hand up, down and straight. Thumbs up and down icon in flat style. Royalty-Free Vector.

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Finger on hand up, down and straight. Thumbs up and down icon in flat style. Positive and negative feedback from customers.

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If you're like most people, you probably haven't spent a whole lot of time thinking about your thumbs. Sure, you know they're there. And maybe you've wondered if they count as a finger or not, but that's about it. But you may want to take a closer look at your thumbs.

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Content Benchmark L. Students know heredity is the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next generation. Inside almost every cell of every living thing is the blueprint for building that organism.

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Your postureyour fingerprintsthe colour of your clothes … It all appears to say a lot about your personality. But there are even more parts of your body that can reveal things about yourself. Your thumb, for example, can indicate a couple of distinctive personality traits.


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