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I was 14 when I bought my first record on vinyl. Actually, it was several records—and a total accident. The moment is hyped in my memory as being just like the opening scene of Almost Famous : a candle burning, Tommy revolving, not just hearing but experiencing the crackle and pop of dust on the needle, like a roaring fire in your ears.

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That, at least, is presumably the thinking that led the automotive company to bring together Nissan Patrols at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai in recent weeks, and have them drive in formation to create the outline of a giant dancing falcon, under the watchful eye of an official Guinness World Records adjudicator. A significant chunk involves working with brands and charities in order to design and stage attention-grabbing record attempts, and capture them digitally, for online and offline marketing campaigns. That particular record-breaking attempt reached 2 million Facebook users and resulted invideo views, as well as 60, video views on YouTube.

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As of Sept 12Florence had over pounds of callus sheets of hardened skin in her collection. Some people even autograph the big pieces. Infestation of Mites Group This record belongs to the 3, residents of Kildare, Montana. Invisiting doctors certified that every person in the town was suffering from scabies, a skin disease caused by mite infection.

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When Doofy dies, Junior cracks up, like usual but Bowser got annoyed that Junior is always watching TV so Bowser suggests reading a book for "exercise". Bowser gave Junior the Guinness World Record book. He then starts reading it and he wants to set a world record!

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But Zhao's discovery of the mosquito, known as Holorusia mikado, has nabbed the top spot. The specimen of the mosquito, kept in Zhao's museum, has a wingspan of Holorusia mikado, the biggest kind of mosquito, was originally discovered in Japan.

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What are they going to do exactly? The site will now take its place in the Guinness Book of Records alongside other greats like the man who rode a unicycle on the mouths of 30 feet of beer bottles and the man who collected his own belly button lint for 26 years. This is Reddit's first and only entry into the record books and we have to ask: Why stop there?

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Next time you visit a Mc Donald's store, you know exactly why they have started charging extra pennies for their ketchup. Mumbai resident Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records after he successfully downed an entire bottle of ketchup in a record time using nothing but a straw to achieve the bizarre feat. Sabse aage honge hindustaniamirite?

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Serial swindler, Dan Larimer, who conned his way into becoming a Blockchain Billionaire, was awarded the Guinness World Record on Thursday for most crypto exit scams. Larimer, who is best known for his role in creating popular hit scams such as Bitshares, Steem, and EOS received the award after brilliantly exit scamming EOS in October and announcing plans for creating his fourth new shitcoin. I consider it to be my finest work to date.

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An Australian company is working from scratch to build the biggest, baddest electric powertrain ever hooked up to a set of wheels. Top EV Racing is aiming to violently end the dominance of fire-breathing Top Fuel cars at the drag strip, and smash acceleration and landspeed world records to boot. By now, everyone's well aware of the monstrous performance potential of electric drivetrains. Neither of those are really designed as high performance machines, either.


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