Wrong way to put on a condom

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Condoms are cheap, easy to get and pretty good at their jobs. So, they're a practical choice for people who want to have sex without making babies or passing around sexually transmitted infections — as long as they do it right. Male latex condoms, used consistently and correctly, are up to 94 percent effective at preventing the transmission of HIV and other STIs [source: WHO ] And as long as they're used consistently and correctly, they're also up to 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy [source: CDC ].

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First of all, do you actually know how to put on a condom? It may sound like a weird question because putting condoms on penises or dildos probably seems pretty straightforward — or maybe a little bit curved to one side. Even when using dildos and sex toys, condoms can prevent the spread of disease and infection.

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All hail the condom, defender against every sexually transmitted infection and goalkeeper blocking each sperm trying to get you pregnant! Except not. While condoms can play a key role in protecting you, they're not the be-all and end-all of safe sex.

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The rest of them put it on after some genital contact or took it off before they finished. This is a big problem, because any skin-to-skin genital contact can lead to STIs. So put it on right at the beginning, and keep it on until you're finished. Pro tip: Adding a drop of lube into the condom will make everything feel more awesome for the person wearing it.

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We respect your privacy. Studies show that plenty of men slipup with this contraceptive standby. Condoms are a very effective and inexpensive form of birth control and STD prevention.

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Sometimes they break. Leave some room in the tip of the condom to catch semen. Unroll the condom all the way down over the penis.

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Removing a condom. Immediately after ejaculation or if your partner starts to lose his erectionhold the base of the condom against the penis so it stays in place and semen cannot spill outand slowly withdraw the penis — while it is still hard. The condom should be wrapped in tissue and thrown away in the garbage not in the toilet as it may clog.

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The downside of this is that mistakes can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs. So, avoid this and learn from the nine most common mistakes that people make:. Putting the condom on after sex has started: You need to wear a condom before you start having sex in order for it to do its job.

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It's not difficult to use a male condom the right way. However, it's very easy to use one the wrong way. Below, you will find instructions for how to use male condoms.

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Condoms are ubiquitous. When it comes to preventing sexually transmitted infections and pregnanciescondoms are usually the first choice. After all, they are inexpensive, easy to get, and good at their job—most of the time.


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